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Employment History

Finished Artist & Studio Manager
October 2015 – Present

Reporting to: Art Director
Direct reports: 2 finished artists
Team size: 12 creatives
Office size: 80+
Achievements: Improving quality and consistency of finished art output across the team, improving the accuracy of resource allocation, building product and spec template libraries, building creative cloud shared asset library, improving file and sample management and archiving procedures.
Statistics: # product ranges developed each year, # SKUs output each month, KPI rating of 100% for FY17

  • preparing high quality finished art for print on a variety of mediums
  • maintaining range timeline calendar
  • resource planning and range allocation
  • flagging resource risk areas and hiring freelancers as needed
  • running weekly WIP meetings
  • communicating new standards and procedures
  • point of contact for other departments

Studio Manager
August 2014 – October 2015

Reporting to: Graphic Design Manager
Direct reports: 2 senior finished artists, 1 junior finished artist
Team size: 11 creatives
Office size: 100+
Achievements: Improving quality of incoming briefs and workflow, improving communications and transparency for internal partners
Statistics: 100+ creative requests per month

  • processing incoming creative requests
  • allocating and briefing in projects
  • campaign project management
  • maintaining Aesop’s exacting standards
  • point of contact for other departments and international offices
  • maintain international client relationships.

Finished Artist
February 2012 – August 2014

Reporting to: Graphic Design Manager, Marketing Manager
Team size: 6 - 11 creatives
Office size: 100+
Achievements: Implementing job and time tracking software, standardising file management, standardising and improving templates

  • print and digital finished art
  • design and maintain InDesign templates
  • maintain product and store photography library
  • maintain media release library
  • multilingual typesetting

Graphic Design & Print Services
Pitcher Partners
March 2011 – February 2012

Reporting to: Operatons Manager
Team size: 5 staff (print services) 5 staff (marketing)
Office size: 400+
Achievements: designing and building eNewsletter for fortnightly internal communications.

  • graphic design for marketing, internal communications and human resources
  • desktop publishing for tenders, client publications and internal documents
  • advising on workflow, procedures and technical issues surrounding the print room. 

Print Services Team Leader
Pitcher Partners
April 2009 – March 2011

Reporting to: Records and Print Services Manager
Team size: 5 staff (print services)
Office size: 400+
Achievements: Designing and implementing a custom digital print request platform with client facing workflow tracking. Improving turnaround times and client satisfaction. Contributed to bringing business card production in-house.

  • team member training
  • workload allocation
  • point of contact for internal clients
  • graphic design for internal communications
  • designing templates and procedures for digital in-house business card production

Artwork Setup & Production
Acson Media Services
2005 – 2008

Reporting to: Directors
Office size: 3
Achievements: introducing in-house finished art services

  • artwork setup for digital and offset printing
  • graphic design for packaging and labels
  • preparing quotes and invoices for clients
  • requesting quotes from suppliers
  • job scheduling
  • flagging art with potential production issues


"On behalf of the Asian markets and the regional team, a heartfelt thank you to all the effort, hard work and dedication you've given us over the past few years. It has been such a pleasure working with you and we are sad to lose you ... I am grateful for the positivity and energy you bring with you everyday."
Aesop, Head of Marketing, Asia

"[Bec is] ­hyper-efficient, quick-thinking, and painstakingly precise. Since ... she took on the role of Studio Manager she has held up the sky for the team, managing an ever-increasing workflow with acumen, determination and no small measure of wry humour. It is thanks to Bec that we have a well-oiled workflow management system customised down to the last detail to meet our needs, and a number of valuable protocols in place for communication and timelines; her consistent mantra has always been 'how can we do it better?' And she has always found a way to do so. Bec's contribution can't be measured easily, but suffice to say the Creative team will be forever grateful for her unflagging commitment and support during her tenure here. And it goes without saying we will miss her fabulous company."
Aesop, Project Manager